Rental Options

If you're in the Prince George, B.C. area, we have rental gowns available. Please contact us for reservations & availability.

Rental gown options start at $40. We have a detail pricing guide available by email.

Looking for something different or other colours? See our options available for purchase

Out of town? Message us and we can give you details on our out of town program.

Rental Policies

Thank you for considering The K.C. Mae Boutique for your photo shoot. We have some policies in place to keep the gowns in photo quality condition, so ladies like YOU can have the best photo experiences possible. Please take a moment to read them over.

Alterations & Condition
Items may not be altered in any way & must be returned in their original condition.
Items must be returned clean, free of stains, body odor and pet hair.

To book your gown rental, a security deposit of $40 is required, payable in advance by eTransfer to .  This deposit will be fully refunded upon the gown being returned to us on time & in it's original condition.


Damage Charges
Items will be assessed for stains, tears and any other damages that would make the gowns non-rentable. Damage charges include labour and the cost of supplies to get the item back to a rentable condition. Irreparable damages or failure to return items will result in fees equal to replacement cost of the item(s) rented.

Late Fees
Items that are not returned on time are subject to a 20% per day late fee. If you think you are going to require the rental for longer, please let us know ASAP as we only charge $10 to extend a dress rental to 7 days! We would be happy to reserve the items in advance for as long as you’ll need, so that no late charges occur.

Cancellation Policy
If you want to cancel your agreement without penalty, we require at least 48 hours notice. If you cancel with less than 48 hours before your agreed rental date, we charge a flat fee of $20 per rental agreement.